Franklin Multi-Asset High Growth Fund

Investment Objective

Through investment across multiple asset classes, the Fund also aims to earn an after-fee return in excess of the Benchmark over rolling three year periods. For blended benchmark composition, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.


Why consider the fund?

The Fund offers a number of significant benefits:

  • Selection of attractive investment opportunities;

  • Active asset allocation between sectors and active security selection within each sector;

  • Professional management of your investment with an experienced investment manager;

  • Diversification benefits that would be difficult to achieve through direct investment;

  • Disciplined portfolio construction; and

  • Web-based reporting that includes performance, market commentary and portfolio strategy. 

Strategic Asset Allocation 

APAC AUM 992915 892915 High Growth


About Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions (FTIS)

Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions (FTIS) is a team of dedicated multi-asset experts. The team manages exposures by asset class, region, style, and factor in order to optimise the risk-return equation.

Portfolio Managers

Subash Pillai

Portfolio Manager


Over 20 years of investment experience

Fund Information

Franklin Multi-Asset High Growth Benchmark Blend

Inception Date


Suggested Investment Timeframe

10 Years

Fund Identifiers



657 333 447

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