Franklin Multi-Asset Defensive Fund

Investment Objective

Through investment across multiple asset classes, the Fund also aims to earn an after-fee return in excess of the Benchmark over rolling three year periods. For blended benchmark composition, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.


Why consider the fund?

The Fund offers a number of significant benefits:

  • Selection of attractive investment opportunities;

  • Active asset allocation between sectors and active security selection within each sector;

  • Professional management of your investment with an experienced investment manager;

  • Diversification benefits that would be difficult to achieve through direct investment;

  • Disciplined portfolio construction; and

  • Web-based reporting that includes performance, market commentary and portfolio strategy. 

Strategic Asset Allocation 

APAC AUM 992915 892915 Defensive


About Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions (FTIS)

Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions (FTIS) is a team of dedicated multi-asset experts. The team manages exposures by asset class, region, style, and factor in order to optimise the risk-return equation.

Portfolio Managers

Subash Pillai

Portfolio Manager


Over 20 years of investment experience

Fund Information

Franklin Multi-Asset Defensive Benchmark Blend

Inception Date


Suggested Investment Timeframe

5 Years

Fund Identifiers



657 332 753

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