What it costs

Small differences in fees can have a big impact on the long-term performance of your investments. For this reason, we aim to keep fees as low as possible while still giving you great customer service.


Model Portfolios:

1. Administration fees

These fees are paid to cover the costs of administering your Partnervest account. 

Account Balance% p.a.How and when paid
Up to $2,000,000 Greater of $204 or 0.50% The administration fee is tiered based on your account balance. 
This fee is for the total amount held across Model Portfolios.
$2,000,001 - $5,000,000 0.45%
Greater than $5,000,000 0.00%

Fees are not charged to establish your account, close your account, process withdrawals or additional investments, or to switch between investments.

2. Cash Hub fee

The Cash Hub fee is an indirect fee of up to .28% on the balance of the Cash Hub that is applied prior to the interest rate being declared.

3. Custodian fee

There is no custody fee for funds held inside a model.

4. Investment Management fees

Each Model Portfolio incurs a Direct Investment Management Fee of 0.15% for amounts up to $5mil.

Model Portfolios invest in Managed Funds. These Managed Funds have Indirect Management Costs which are deducted from their unit prices.

The amounts shown below are net of rebates. Where rebates apply, they will be deposited to your Cash Hub.

Model Portfolio Name  

Direct Investment Management Fee p.a*        

Indirect Cost Ratio p.a**Total p.a
Partnervest Cautious 0.15% 0.12% 0.27%
Partnervest Moderate 0.15% 0.13% 0.28%
Partnervest Assertive 0.15% 0.15% 0.30%
Partnervest Aggressive 0.15% 0.17% 0.32%
Partnervest Highly Aggressive 0.15% 0.13% 0.28%
Partnervest Cash  0.15% 0.10% 0.25%
Partnervest Fixed Interest  0.15% 0.12% 0.27%
Partnervest Property  0.15% 0.03% 0.18%
Partnervest Australian Shares  0.15% 0.19% 0.34%
Partnervest International Shares  0.15% 0.08% 0.23%
Partnervest Secure  0.15% 0.12% 0.27%
Partnervest Income Plus  0.15% 0.14% 0.29%
Partnervest Balanced 0.15% 0.15%  0.30%
Partnervest Growth  0.15% 0.15% 0.30%
Partnervest High Growth  0.15% 0.12% 0.27%

*This fee is only charged up to an amount of $5 million held per Investor per Model.

**This includes management fees and indirect costs but excludes net transaction and operational costs. Please refer to our Model Portfolio Guide for further details.

To further assist you in understanding the fees that you pay, all fees charged by Partnervest are deducted from the Cash Hub so you can see from your statements exactly how much you are paying.


The example is provided by way of illustration to show an estimate of the total price paid in acquiring the investments through Partnervest and the fees charged in the first year. The actual amount you will pay may vary from the estimate in this example. Speak to our Client Care Team or your Adviser for more information about the estimated fees and costs for your proposed investments.

Example: $250,000 investment.

InvestmentInvestment Amount
Partnervest Moderate (Model Portfolio) $240,000
Cash Hub $10,000
Total Investment Portfolio $250,000

The fees and costs the investor would pay are shown below. In this example, the total fees the investor would pay during the year would be 0.79% of the investment portfolio.


InvestmentFee typeInvestment AmountFee %Fee ($)
Partnervest Moderate
(Model Portfolio)
Direct Investment Management Fee $240,000 0.15% p.a. $360.00
  Indirect Investment Fee $240,000 0.13% p.a. $312.00
  Administration fee $240,000 0.50% p.a. $1,200.00
Cash Hub1 Cash Hub Fee $10,000 0.28% p.a. $28.00
  Total Fee
  Fees and costs as a % of investment

This example does not take into account the effect of returns, market movements or buy/sell spreads on the value of investments. It also assumes you maintained a balance of $10,000 in your Cash Hub throughout the year.


To see fees for stand alone Managed Funds, click here.


It is important that you understand all the fees that may be incurred. You should read fee information contained in the Disclosure Documents of: 

  1. Partnervest including the Service Guide and Model Portfolio Guide, and
  2. the individual investments that you select.